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SmartDegrees, the blockchain-based university certification platform

SmartDegrees is a platform for the registration and certification of academic degrees, with associated services, which allow to put their value in the labor market and in the society, while making them inviolable, ensuring their validity indefinitely.

It uses the technology of distributed ledger, blockchain, whose innovative and disruptive nature makes it the most important for changing higher education and opens up enormous possibilities for graduates, universities, labor platforms and recruiters.

The degrees and certificates go from being a static element in paper or electronically signed file, to being secure and therefore dynamic digital assets, under the exclusive control of the graduate. The mission of SmartDegrees is to put in value the university graduates in the labor market and in the society, promoting services around the degree and guaranteeing the validity of the diplomas. The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid already has since July the first university degrees in blockchain, registered and certified by SmartDegrees.

Its main advantages: agility, comfort and safety

Its users can manage their university degrees from their smartphone, using a free app that allows them the following benefits:

  • It facilitates the enhancement of the title, speeding up its sharing with work platforms, recruiters and third parties.
  • The graduate is the sovereign owner of its data and decides how, where and when to display them.
  • The app and support technology, blockchain, guarantee its inviolability and prevent fraud.

These are the first university degrees in the world registered in a mature and scalable blockchain network, with the potential that smart contracts allow, such as Quorum, based on Ethereum.

The service is being extended to other universities, initially in Europe and Latin America, interested in being members of the SmartDegrees user network.

SmartDegrees was created in August 2017 with 100% Spanish capital, with the aim of offering registration and certification services for blockchain titles, to help university graduates in the labor market, promoting services around the degree and guaranteeing the validity of the diplomas.

Media coverage: El Economista

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