TechHeroX already has the first certificates for professionals in blockchain, registered and certified by SmartDegrees, being pioneers in giving validity to the skills acquired by those attending the Summit I event “Cybersecurity d3c0dified for data protection”. The main advantages for attendees are agility, comfort and safety.

This blockchain certified cybersecurity event was organized by TechHeroX, GirlsCanHack, MujeresTech and sponsored by Terminus7. These are the first professional certificates of skills and corporate training, registered in a mature, scalable and potential blockchain network that smart contracts allow, such as Quorum, based on Ethereum.

It uses the technology of distributed registration, blockchain, whose innovative character makes it the most important to change higher education and lifelong learning, opening enormous possibilities to graduates, companies, universities, labor platforms and recruiters.

Its main advantages: agility, comfort and security in blockchain

These professionals can manage their training and skills certificates from their smartphone, using a free app that allows them the following benefits:

  • It facilitates the enhancement of skills and abilities, speeding up their sharing with work platforms, recruiters, social networks and third parties.
  • The professional is the sovereign owner of his data and decides how, where and when to display them.
  • The app and support technology, blockchain, guarantee its inviolability and prevent fraud.

“These certifications make it easier for professionals to enhance their value in the labor market and in society, by allowing them to share their corporate training online, guaranteeing immutability for life. We are very satisfied with this innovative service, which we plan to extend to more companies and users soon”, according to María Laura Mosqueda, CEO of TechHeroX.

 About TechHeroX

TechHeroX is a producer of online training experiences, which designs disruptive content such as 360º and interactive videos, chatbots, augmented reality, interactive infographics and digital charts, among other tools. It also has its own Mobile Learning technology to distribute its courses in an app.

About SmartDegrees

SmartDegrees is a platform for the registration and certification of academic degrees and corporate training, with associated services, which allow to put their value in the labor market and in the society, while making them inviolable, ensuring their validity indefinitely.

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