SmartDegrees has started the year 2019 in the best way, thanks to the ambitious agreement signed with the educational company TechHeroX, dedicated to the production of unique online training experiences. Thanks to this agreement, SmartDegrees will certify through its distributed registration technology, blockchain, the degrees issued by TechHeroX.

This collaboration puts the finishing touch to a 2018 year of full growth for SmartDegrees. The most important milestone has been the collaboration with the University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), which since July already issues the first university degrees in blockchain, registered and certified by SmartDegrees.

SmartDegrees has adhered to the Alastria blockchain network, where it also records its activity, increasing security and transparency, as well as enhancing interoperability between networks.

With such an innovative and disruptive model, SmartDegrees has been present in several activities and events, both in the educational and technological sectors, such as the European initiative Soft Landing or BMC Exchange, a benchmark for IT innovation, in which executives and experts analyzed the situation, possibilities and challenges for the future of this market.

As for the educational world, SmartDegrees has participated in several sectoral meetings of the Conferencia de Rectores de Universidades Españolas (CRUE), showing the opportunities of blockchain technology in the university world and its vocation of service in terms of quality certification and the truthfulness.

SmartDegrees was created in August 2017 with 100% Spanish capital, with the aim of offering registration and certification services for degrees in blockchain, to help university graduates in the labor market, promoting services around the degree and guaranteeing the validity of the diplomas.